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AIRMIGHTY VALVE COVER RACE… well this escalated quickly! A fun little addition to the AirMighty Show program turned out to become quite a serious race with some stunning Valve Cover Racer build, again high quality and truly amazing! We got tips and feedback to make the track even better for 2025, so we will do this all over again for sure! Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the winners!   - Pictures of the race in the comments in the new FB Group would...



What an amazing gathering of quality aircooled VWs here at the AirMighty Show 2023! THANKS ALL for participating and joining the weekend with us! Next edition 20-21 SEPTEMBER 2025

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THANKS to all Sponsors & Partners

Events like this don’t work without passionate participants, friendly vendors, enthusiast visitors and, of course, show sponsors and partners who make it all happen! That's why we want to say THANK YOU, as we are proud to partner-up and have your logo connected to the AirMighty Show 2023! >> See all show sponsors and partners here!

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Wax on Wax off...

We are proud to announce that there is an opportunity to get those show cars cleaned on Friday. We have water and our show partner Meguiars NL supplied some cleaning products for all show car owners to use and wash your car before they go inside the main Hangar for the visitors to enjoy.

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Aircooled Porsche Appreciation Lineup

We all like the aircooled Porsche, the earlier the better in our opinion. We always have some stunning examples on display at the AirMighty Show.So for this edition we decided to let the aircooled Porsche cars to park for free outside as well. On the special aircooled VW parking we will create an 'Aircooled Porsche Appreciation Lineup' especially for these loveley Porkers... see you there!

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