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An impossible task it was, judging this years winners out of all these stunning, and very high quality cars… but it had to be done. A close call for many, but the jury has chosen; 3x ‘Out of the Box’, 1x ‘Best VW Club’, the ‘Top20', and the ‘Best of Show'. Hereby the list of the AirMighty Show 2023 Winners. Congrats to all!

Best of Show:
- Lee Irving (UK) 1954 RHD Oval Beetle.

Top20 (in random order):
- Jim Dix (UK) 1959 Karmann Ghia coupé.
- Tomas Nielsen (DK) 1957 Cal Look Oval Beetle.
- Tixier Yann (FR) 1959 Baja Bug.
- Christoph Filla (DE) 1958 T1 911 Microbus Deluxe.
- Andy Finch (UK) 1969 Karmann Ghia - Dennis Hydes "Cal-look perfection”.
- Timm Osterhold (DE) 1957 'Deep Black’ Oval Beetle.
- build by Revs Automotive Garage, Martin Hobé (NL) 1950 Split Beetle Convertible.
- David Baland (BE) 1963 APAL Jet “Lynx” Buggy.
- Lee Masters (UK) 1966 VW T1 Splitscreen DoKa.
- David Croquelois (FR) 1952 Old Speed Convertible.
- Tony Nixey (UK) 1967 Beetle.
- Nils Tielen (BE) 1968 VW 1300 Deluxe Beetle.
- Rorky O’Rourke (UK) 1964 Karmann Ghia Type34.
- Olivier Boggio (FR) 1963 1200 Deluxe Ragtop.
- Peter Ludwig (SE) 1954 Sunroof Beetle.
- Mark Paine (UK) 1954 Barndoor.
- Mark Denkhaus (DE) 1973 German Look 1303 Beetle.
- Daniel Schaffner (CH) 1954 Oval Beetle Convertible.
- Louis Walravens (BE) 1966 Cal Look Beetle.
- Olivier Rouls Shoulsy (BE) 1956 Low Light Ghia.

Best VW Club:
- Old Speed Club Display (EU) by Georg Schmundt-Thomas. 

Out of the Box:
- Grundmann Family / Museum (DE) 1936 VW Beetle Prototype.
- Oliver Dunsmore (DE) 1970 Nordstad Käfer, Porsche 997 3,6 ltr 325 HP.
- Søren Rasmussen (DK) 1960 VW powered Renault Dauphine.

Best of Show

Top 20

Best VW Club

Out of the Box