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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - AirMighty Show

You automatically accept the points below when purchasing the ticket and entering the show:


The entry fees are non-refundable, when the event can’t take place due COVID-19 or other circumstances a new date will be set. Tickets are not transferable and entitle partici­pation for the person whose name and address are on the registration form.


- The event is an ‘no flyer zone’. Keep it clean.

- NO BBQ or open fire on site.

- Please dispose of your trash in the waste-bins.

- Maximum speed on the event grounds is 10 KM/h.

- The organizers have the right to temporarily or permanently exclude participants from the event.

- The organization accepts no liability for accidents, damage, loss and theft of property of visitors and / or participants.

- Participating in the event is at your own risk and acknowledge and adhere these ‘Disclaimer, Warning, and Waiver of Liability’ below:


Disclaimer, Warning, and Waiver of Liability:

By participating in this event in any capacity to include but not limited to showing at, participating in, purchas­ing items from, or attending the ‘AirMighty Show’ is at your own risk; You knowingly and willingly do so at your own risk. The organization of the ‘AirMighty Show’ company, its members, event coordinator(s), agents, officers, officials, and volunteers, all sponsors and vendors as well as the event location Vliegveld Twenthe and the village of Enschede to include its departments, its agents, officers, elected and appointed officials, and volunteers will not be held liable for damages, loss of property, or injury of any degree. By attending the event you agree to NOT hold any of the named or anyone else associated with the event liable for any damage, loss, injury, or anything else you, your property, or your guests may sustain or incur by participating in, or attending this event or any related event.

By participating in the event, you agree to allow us to use photos that are taken at the event as we see fit, i.e. for possible promotion for future shows, website postings, merchandise and/or promotional items, for the current show and or for fund raising purposes now and in the future.

If the event is to be cancelled, we will attempt to give as much prior notice as possible through the website and social-media platforms, but do not guarantee prior notice of cancellation due to an unavoidable and or unexpected situation, and COVID-19. No refunds will be issued but we truly appreciate your support and donation gift. At this time the event is scheduled for rain or shine. It is your responsibility to check the website frequently for the most up to date information or changes.

Visiting, interacting, or purchasing from or with our Supporters, Donors, and Vendors is at your own risk as well.

Please make sure your vehicle is properly insured and you obey all traffic laws on your way to, from, and when on the show grounds. Drive slow and safely when entering (10km max.!), Parking, and exiting the event area / runway at the show-area (Vliegveld Twenthe and Hangar11, Enschede). Be respectful of others attending the event, park patrons, event staff and the surrounding neighbours. Ensure if you have any type of awning, tent or umbrella you ensure it is properly secured in the event of sudden weather/wind. We ask you use your best judgement and think safety first. If it is windy, please do not put up wings, tents, umbrellas, folding chairs, or any other device or apparatus that could potentially fall, fly, or be blown over and possibly injure someone or damage property.

NO burnouts, alcohol, illegal substances, loud music, racing, or reckless driving or behaviour will be permitted or allowed at the event.


Please enjoy the show and thanks for your support! If you see an unsafe condition or notice any type of problem or potential problem notify event staff immediately. All vehicles and vendors must have current registration and insurance and be operated by a valid licensed individual. Guest must be able to provide a copy of these documents if requested by event staff. We are not responsible for any damage to you or your property while attending the event. We reserve the right to ask you to leave at any time and also reserve the right to deny entry into the venue for any reason.


You automatically accept the points above when purchasing the ticket and entering the show, so be sure to read and take knowledge of them! The organizers wish you a great weekend. Keep it clean and friendly so we can continue organizing this event in the future.