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ENTRY ticket* is for visitors (incl. FREE aircooled VW parking).

All tickets to the AirMighty Show are exclusively available online via
Any aircooled VW & Porsche can be parked for FREE, all other cars need to buy a parking ticket.

*Tickets are per person, and not car related.


Do children have free access?

Yes, children up to 12 year are entitled to free access. Otherwise a regular entry ticket is needed.

Can I bring a trailer?

We understand not all vintage VWs can make it on it's own power... so yes, we have space available to park your car-trailer out of sight. This is on-site, but all at own risk.

I can’t make it to the AirMighty Show due to circumstances beyond my control. Can I resell my ticket?

We advise you to only resell your ticket(s) to people you know and trust.
Forewarned is forearmed… 

The occasional resale of tickets is allowed if the sale price is not higher than the definitive price printed on the ticket.

Are tickets scannable from my phone?

Yes. Tickets are scannable from your phone. 

No. You don’t have to print out your tickets.

Think about the environment.